Scheduled Services

Mr. Billy Raymond Burks


August 5, 2021 12:00 pm -1:00 pm Chapel of the Leon L. Williamson Funeral Home

2157 N. 12th St.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Funeral Services

August 5, 2021 1:00 pm Chapel of the Leon L. Williamson Funeral Home

2157 N. 12th St.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Final Disposition



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  • Felicia Burks says:

    Rest In Heaven Uncle Bill. I can’t believe you are gone. It was thundering and raining after your funeral and Lex said you went up to heaven calling everybody “Stupid MF’s” LMAO. I miss you fussing and cursing at us; all of us. lol. You taught me so much Uncle Bill. You made sure I knew how to fight or basically defend myself because I was the oldest of nieces. I will never forget that. I also will never forget how you were there when I got hit by the car. The police wouldn’t let you come over to me and you ended up in hand cuffs sitting on the curb while the ambulance was checking me out. You were there a lot; for my major altercations. I have so many memories and not enough space. I love you forever and a day Uncle Bill. I will write again. Tell the family I said Hello and Much Love.

  • Felicia Burks says:

    Happy Birthdaaaay, Uncle Bill!! I got you a six pack and a bag of chewing tobacco lol. You’re probably up there kicking it with the rest of the fam so tell them I said Hello, Love and I will see them whenever we meet again. Love you, Uncle Bill.

  • Felicia (# 1 Niece) says:

    Hey Uncle Bill!!! Today is the day you stopped living and I just wanted to Remember You. My BigMa is sooo sad and I hate it. I don’t know how to react without crying and I don’t want her to cry. Maybe I’ll just tell her to read a book or go to bed; your favorite things to say. Well, “I’m Done” (another fav of yours; lol) I miss you and I will love you forever. Until we meet again Uncle Be Real Bill the Fresh Prince of Bakersfield.

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