Scheduled Services

Mr. Alex Cage

Walk Through Viewing

September 23, 2020 12:00 pm -2:00 pm Chapel of the Leon L. Williamson Funeral Home

2157 N. 12th Street
Milwaukee, WI

Final Disposition



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  • lazette miller says:

    alex im so sorry. something was telling me to check on you, with me being busy for work i forgot about coming to see you. i called back wishing i could hear your voice and hoping that you were talking again. one day i decided to call you and your phone was off and in my mind i was like that isnt alex. so i decided to look you up in a google sreach because i just knew you left us and sure enoung thats when i found out that you had passed a few weeks ealier, and that broke my heart alex im sorry for missing your phone calls sorry for not coming to see you, and now im so regretting it i miss you so much. i have all of your vmails saved so when im down i could hear your vioce. i still have a bracelet you gave me that was your mom and i have it close with me every day. i still have the slippers you gave me after i found out that you were gone i cant seem to find one and i know its you playing with me i wore them every day. now where did you put it alex lol. i love you and rest in peace i will always be your zetta sweet young thang. the baby misses you as well she was so sad and crying after i told her you were gone. i have a picture that you gave me and still do. she looks at it and says she is sad, and she always says rest in peace. shes 7 now alex! you were such an sweet amazing man i wish i had more time to spend with you. i love you rest in peace and i know that you are dress to kill i could just see you now! love you so much. it kills me everyday because i should have been there for you. i miss you calling me at 3 or 4 in the morining leaving me vmails but im glad you did so i could hear your voice.. rip baby love you! your zetta

  • Lazetta says:

    Love you Alex from your zetta

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