Leave the Gift of Peace of Mind

Most families plan ahead for the future. Weddings, college tuition, the purchase of a home, the purchase of an automobile, and the purchase of other large expenditures require careful thought and pre-planning before expenditures are made. Families also plan for unexpected events in their lives by purchasing home insurance, auto insurance, and medical insurance. As with other important expenditures, many families are pre-planning and pre-paying for their final farewells. Consider the fact that your family will have to plan your funeral arrangements and make critical decisions within hours of your death. This is one of the most difficult and traumatic events that can be thrust upon your family when they are grief-stricken and stressed.

One of the most loving, caring, and thoughtful gifts that you can give to your family is pre-planning and pre-funding your funeral arrangements.

Having time to evaluate all of your options, make informed decisions about your own funeral service and burial, and having your wishes documented will relieve your family from the emotional and financial burdens associated with your death. Pre-planning your funeral also provides an opportunity for your family to be involved in planning your final farewell. Rather than focusing on the many details involved in funeral arrangements at the time of your death, you can ensure that your family will have the important time needed to grieve their loss of you.

Pre-need planning also includes an opportunity to pre-fund your funeral arrangements and lock in and guarantee today’s rates for your funeral that may not take place for many, many years. This will afford your family substantial savings, given cost increases over the years. Your funds are placed in a protected and safe account that you own and are non-countable for Medicaid or SSI benefits. Your funds will be held by one of the country’s leading, reputable financial institutions in a special contract, designed solely for pre-need funeral arrangements. When you are thoughtful in pre-planning and pre-paying your funeral arrangements, your family will truly be comforted in knowing that the final arrangements, carried out by Leon L. Williamson Funeral Home, express your own unique wishes and are exactly your wishes. Costs, associated with funeral arrangements, will be non-existent because all financial matters were taken care of in advance. You will leave the gift of peace of mind for those who are left to cherish your memory.

If you are interested in pre-need planning, we encourage you to browse through our website and review our various services and merchandise. Then call us and ask to speak to one of our pre-need planning counselors. An appointment will be made, at no cost and at no obligation, to further elaborate on this option. If after hearing about our pre-need services, you wish to proceed with pre-need planning, our counselor will walk you through every step of the pre-planning process and assist you in selecting from several pre-pay options that meet your needs. Your plan, confirming your wishes, will be maintained on file at our funeral home for your time of need.