Leon L. Williamson Funeral Home offers a full range of the highest quality funeral and cremation merchandise to meet the needs of the families that we serve. We have a selection room on our premises where, in a private and comfortable setting, families can take the time needed to make their decisions.

Whether your selections are for immediate need or pre-need, our caring and experienced staff will share options with you and answer all questions you may have about caskets, burial vaults, urns and other merchandise for memorializing your loved one.

Your final arrangements may be for an earth burial, mausoleum crypt entombment, or cremation. The staff of Leon L. Williamson Funeral Home will assist you, step by step, with your selections as you make these very important decisions.


Caskets are required for ground burial or mausoleum crypt entombment. The selection of a casket for a loved one is a personal choice.

We offer an extensive selection of caskets in many styles, constructed with quality materials such as bronze, copper, steel, stainless steel, traditional wood and fine hardwood. There are also many choices of elegant finishes. The casket of your choice may be personalized as another expression of your loved one’s personality. We also offer caskets that are suitable for the interment of the deceased when viewings or services will not be held.

Other Merchandise

We offer registry books, commemorative panels, additional thank you card (beyond the complimentary thank you cards that we will provide), or other accessories and adornments, we will assist you in your selection of these items which are available in our selection room.