The late Lamar Williamson had a dream, consistent with his wish to provide community service and to meet the needs of families in his beloved city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1950, after graduating from Worsham College of Mortuary Science in Chicago, Illinois, Lamar established Williamson Funeral Home in a converted residence on North 7th Street. The business was one of only three funeral homes serving African Americans in Milwaukee. Over the years, the services extended by Williamson Funeral Home were well received. The business eventually outgrew the North 7th Street location.

In 1960, Lamar moved Williamson Funeral Home to its present location at 2157 North 12th Street. Following in his father’s footsteps, Leon L. Williamson studied mortuary science and like his father, graduated from Worsham College of Mortuary Science as well. With a degree in mortuary science and as a licensed funeral director, Leon L. Williamson joined the family business in 1966. He worked closely with his father through the years, learning all aspects of funeral services. Upon his father’s death, Leon assumed ownership and leadership of the family business, continuing to build upon the tradition of quality funeral services that were the hallmark of his father’s legacy. As per his father’s wishes, the establishment now bears the name, Leon L. Williamson Funeral Home. For over sixty years, Leon L. Williamson Funeral Home has been an independent family-owned establishment. The name “Williamson” is synonymous with high standards in providing funeral services in the greater Milwaukee community and surrounding areas.

Leon L. Williamson has taken great care to ensure that guests can honor their loved ones in a beautiful, warm, and caring environment. Extensive renovations and quality service, over the years, have made the establishment the pride of the surrounding community. Parking is available for guests on the premises as well as surrounding streets. When guests enter Leon L. Williamson Funeral Home, a beautiful, comfortable environment to honor their loved ones is evidenced. Seating is plentiful and guests are immediately aware that they are in the presence of people who care about their loved one and care about families and friends of loved ones. Members of the professional staff are always present, available, confidential, and watchful to ensure that arrangements meet families’ desires. Leon L. Williamson Funeral Home serves persons of all faiths and from all walks of life with care, dignity and respect.

It is Leon L. Williamson’s promise and commitment to continue the legacy of outstanding service for many more years to come.